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Attention Money Managers,

Would you like to know the DNA or code of the stock market?  Would you like to know how to capture sizeable and predictable stock price spreads with less risk?  Would you like to get better returns for your clients and funds?

Then this is exactly what you've been looking for!

 I'm Linda Dunn, Founder of .  Today I'd like to tell you about a very exciting new methodology for improving equity portfolio returns. We are providing an ebook with details below, a monthly valuation newsletter and soon will release valuation rotation software.

Our company is relatively new but based on years of experience!  What we're making available to institutional investors and money managers is a methodology  to decode the market and capture the spread between the high and low of most stocks every single year, which is in the arena of 15, 20, 30 +%. The good news is it's quite predictable. 

So how did I discover this? Well, I was an equity analyst working in New York for big Pension and Trust funds for 15 years. I worked with Chase Investors, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Bank of New York, Glickenhaus and Drexel Burnham Lambert.  I was also an IAR in Washington for 10 years and worked with Morgan Stanley, Waddell and Reed and my own RIA, Vestin MM.  StockValu is no longer an RIA but rather is designed to provide an insightful tool to money managers.

I have followed many, many different industries along the way and had major "Ahas" when I saw how predictable and straighforward these annual price ranges can be. So, what I put together was some amazing software and a monthly newsletter to help the institutional money manager, Financial Adviser, Family Offices and other fund managers and investors capture these valuations and spreads for enhanced returns.

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It makes it easy for you to capture predictable spreads in stock prices annually, so you can use our methodology to capture sizeable and predictable stock price spreads with less risk..

If you've been seeing huge downdrafts in your portfolios, then this Ebook is the answer you've been looking for.  We have developed a monthly newsletter and software utilizing this approach to help you implement this amazing approach which we will make available.

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Find out how to "decode" the market and reap the returns!

Also: How using this approach would have alerted investors to the market's overvaluation in early 2022 and the compelling values today
Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Provide Better Portfolio Results With Lower Risk And Cost (even if You Feel This Process Is Too Complicated Or Time Consuming)
The price of a stock essentially incorporates estimates for the next 10 years of earnings present valued with a discount multiple attached.  What that means is that the long term return potential to shareholders ultimately is more important than current events that tend to create some volatility in the stock price in the near term.

What large investors look for are strategic points to enter and start building positions in order to capture that potential return.  When the stock has appreciated to the top end of the projected price range, managers will start reducing exposure and rotate into stocks that indicate much greater upside potential appreciation.  It should be noted that not all stocks are high and low at the same time. 

Had a user followed our hypothetical portfolio of 25-30 large stocks as evaluated in our monthly newsetter, choosing 15 stocks at a time beginning after the market decline in nearly 2020 until mid 2022 would have potentially netted a 52% return vs the S&P's 28%.  This outperformance is largely due to missing the large market decline in the early to mid 2022 period as our work showed how overvalued most stocks were and their large downside risk. 

As I write this in July 2022, the market is looking extremely attractive with upside potential in the majority of the 26 stocks we are tracking with significant upside 12-18 months out...with some as large as 50-80+%.  The market always looks out 6 months or more and has already incorporated much of the current negative issues including higher interest rates, inflation, economic risk and supply chain issues.  Soon we will potentially get input from CEO's looking into a more positive environment in 2023.  Stocks will have moved up before that happens as they anticipate some improvement in the operating environment.

We believe investors would do well to be contrarians and to focus on valuation ranges in order to capture available spreads.  See our monthly newsletter and coming software to be able to decifer in advance where these ranges are likely to be based on fundamental valuation.
Also included: - A Video and transcript of this Superior Approach to Managing Portfolios 
in today's market
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We know that mutual funds and hedge funds have generally underperformed the market over the last decade and charge high fees.  So many fund managers are moving more towards Private Placements and Indexing and ETF's which add risk.  Is there a better way??? Find out.
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At this point you might be thinking "This sounds great, but there's gotta be a catch, right?"

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I'm doing this because returns don't have to be as anemic and volatile as the current system causes them to be.  We want to let you know that there is a better way!

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